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Niche Moolah review – scam or legit? For those of you who are unfamiliar with the word “moolah”, it is simply a slang term for money. Thus from “Niche Money”, we can already guess that this program is all about marketing within a certain niche.

Niche Moolah is all about teaching people how to make money with affiliate marketing. But rather than the “usual way”, Niche Moolah’s strategy is to create multiple “profitable micro review sites”.

From these many micro review sites that you create, not all of them will be profitable. But as you stack the earnings from all the sites, you should be able to create a “stable income stream”.



Quick, hide your wallets!

There are affiliate links and advertisements on this page! Whenever you buy things from the evil links that I recommend, I will make a commission.

Nah. These are just things to keep the blog going, and allows me to give more good stuff to you guys. So thank you if you decide to pick up my recommendations!




Link Niche Moolah
Owners Matther Neer
Price $97, discounted at $11.95?!
Upsells Golden Cherry Picker $34.95

Unlimited Campaigns $47

Profit Button $97

License Rights $495


30 / 100 NOT Recommended




For $11.95, you will get access to the member’s area, which has a fairly simple design. The Niche Moola Training starts with a 3 step training.


Step 1) Download the Niche Moolah PDF

The Niche Moolah PDF is a 51 page e-book that will give you the big picture on how to create your review sites and how to monetize them.

I cannot provide it for free, but this is the table of contents:

  • Why Review Sites?
  • Where to Get Backlinks?
  • Understanding Keywords and the Process of Choosing them
  • Understanding How People Search
  • Some Golden Niche Pickets
  • Planning Your Attack
  • Key Elements to Choosing Buyer Keywords
  • Fun Facebook Marketing Technique
  • The Two Types of Review Sites
  • How to Choose the Best Domain for You
  • Building a Keyword Traffic Triangle
  • Backlink Magic
  • How to Author Brilliant Content Without Creating Anything
  • Primetime Competitive Reverse Engineering


Step 2) Setup your niche site

Setting up a website can be difficult for complete newbies. Niche Moola teaches you the easy way out – outsource your setup to a freelancer. Spend some money to possibly make money, good idea Possibly not. I will explain more in the below sections.


Step 3) Powerful Keyword Tool

The final step is choosing your keyword – An important step that every marketer or SEO ninja needs to do. Why is keyword research is important? Mainly because you need to rank your micro review site on Google to get some traffic and sales. Without any traffic, you will get no visitors and that means – no sales.




Yes, you will get access to the member’s area and training material as promised. But will you make money from the strategies that Niche Moola teach? My gut feeling is – a fat no. Again, I will explain more below.



I understand, Niche Moolah may be working for Matther himself. But these are my humble opinions on why Niche Moolah is bad for newbies.

  • I doubt Niche Moolah will work for newbies.
    Matther is an experienced marketer and knows exactly where to hunt for offers. But if you are new, do you know where to find offers? Do you even know how to start a proper site?
  • No support
    Will Matther teach you how to write a good review? The proper sales techniques? How to create a sales funnel? Is there a support team? None. You only have videos to depend on. If you are stuck, you are stuck.
  • “Second hand” opportunities
    Think about this. If Matther has a brand new product that has not been marketed yet, what will he do? Sell it and make a killing, of course. Will he even “feed” you first and risk the market saturating out fast? I think the answer is pretty obvious.
  • Unethical selling
    Review means that you have tried and tested the product. Can you really afford to buy and review so many products? If not, you are just creating a fake review, and recommending people into a possible shit hole.

Lastly, I need to mention that affiliate marketing is not something that you can learn in a few days. Create a few micro review sites, hit-and-run? That is so shallow.

If you are looking for the “real thing”, there’s content writing, advertising, SEO, social marketing, content marketing, PPC, etc… Niche Moolah did not even scratch the surface. Not a good way to start.



Niche Moolah does provide some good information on how the affiliate marketing game is played… but fails to provide that on-going long term education. A good place to get started? Probably not.

I don’t quite like the strategy of generating a ton “cyber junk” as well. In fact, let’s just put it this way – I am against promoting stuff that I know nothing about, where I don’t even know if it is beneficial to people.

Niche Moolah teaches what we call the “hit-and-run” sales method, and has definitely failed to provide a “long term value”. Gain at the expense of other people? A big no from me.



If you want to learn the proper way to do affiliate marketing and make money online, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate instead – Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate. It may not be an easy journey, but learn to do marketing the right way, the ethical way.

Wealthy Affiliate Niche Moola
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