Project FTB

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Bills? Who loves paying bills? So this project that I have initiated is dedicated to reducing bills into ash. Now, some of you guys may be thinking this is another one of those marketing, insurance or scam thing.

Well no. These are actually stuff that I have been thought hard, and technology that I have used to shrink or destroy bills. I believe that humans should live free, and when there is a will, there is a way.

You decide for yourself if these are good or bad ideas. So whenever you are ready, check out the crazy stuff that I have done to destroy bills. Click on an icon below to read more.



Quick, hide your credit card!

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Just a part to keep this blog going, and enable me to give more to you guys.

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Electricity Bills (WIP)
Why pay so much when there’s the sun? Heard of solar energy?

Water Bills (WIP)
Since when do we have to pay for water? An environmental water generator may do the trick.

Food Bills (WIP)
So living in a city means no time and no place to grow food? Wrong. There’s hydroponics.


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