Step-by-Step Secret SEO Sauce Tutorial

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Welcome to my step-by-step SEO tutorial for Beginners, where I unveil my secret SEO sauce. Yes, I am not kidding. These are the real life tactics that I used, and got me quite an insane boost in organic traffic.

Why the heck am I giving these valuable information away for free?

Well, first off, it pisses me off whenever I see some “renowned guru” selling publicly available information for thousands of dollars. Yes, you can learn SEO by digging stuff all over the Internet, and from library books – for free.

Secondly, this is sort of my way to give back to the Internet. This guide is a compilation of the stuff that I tried, minus the stupid things that don’t work. Lastly, it’s not exactly free. There are advertisements, and I have put in some recommendations for SEO tools and stuff that will help you. Those are optional though.

So when you are ready, let’s dive right into the “secret”.



Quick, hide your credit card!

Evil ninjas have put in affiliate links and advertisements in this post.

If you buy stuff from these links, they are going to make commissions and feed the person who wrote this post.

Just a part to keep this blog going, and enable me to give more to you guys.

So thank you if you decide to pick up my recommendations!



1) Introduction
What is SEO? What does it do? Why is it so important, and why all the fuss?

2) Website Setup (WIP)
The first pain every SEO practitioner will experience. Setting up a spanking good website optimized for SEO.

3) Keyword Research (WIP)
What to write? It is no rocket science, but we target the profitable keywords.

4) Content Writing
Content is king, it defines your blog or website. No content equals no readers, no followers, and no business.

5) SEO Writing
Here are some tricks you can use on your content writing to make SEO work better.

6) Link Building (WIP)
What good is content when no one sees it? Write it, then promote it.

7) Checklist (WIP)
Think that you are done with SEO? Here’s the checklist… or cheat sheet.


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