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I need tech support.If you have a technical question, please comment on the related post itself. All support requests through the contact form will be ignored!
I want to hire a tech ninja.Sorry guys! Please hire a freelancer somewhere else instead. Try Upwork (not sponsored).
I sell SEO and/or programming services.All unsolicited attempts to sell SEO and web development services will be ignored to infinity and beyond!
I want to put an advertisement on Red Dot Geek.Thanks for the interest! But so sorry, Red Dot Geek does not have an advertisement package to sell… Yet. Maybe in the future when it has matured enough.
I want to do some collaboration with Red Dot Geek.Sure thing. If you have a guest post, product, or affiliate offer to share – Just drop a message below.
Offensive post, copyright issue, or mistakes.Tried to credit everyone, and posts are reviewed from time-to-time… But cracks still happen. Drop a message below – Which post, where the mistake is, and what you want to take down.

P.S. Deepest apologies if the reply is very late (or no reply at all). Red Dot Geek is run by a single person who is also running a couple of other blogs, bouncing around different social media accounts, and have a life outside the cyber world.