12 Free Email Services (Without Phone Verification)

Welcome to a list of free email services that do not ask for your phone number. Yep, it’s kind of creepy these days. You need to give away your phone number in exchange for an email account. I mean, while it does add a layer of security, it also comes at the price of privacy. So here is a list of email providers that provide free email services without asking for phone numbers – Read on!

P.S. 1-7 are “more permanent emails”, and 8-12 are “temporary emails”. Otherwise, this list is not in any particular order.




Link: Click here
Restrictions: Attachments up to 30MB, total storage of 65 GB for free users. Require an alternate email to sign up.

Signing up with mail.com is a breeze. Simply enter your name, desired email address, security question, password, and that’s it – An email account within 3 minutes. But take note, they do have a limit of 65 GB storage for free users, and the largest allowed file attachment is 30 MB.

That may be a bummer to some, but the extra features they offer greatly outweigh the limits – Two-factor authentication (2FA), email alias, free online Office suite, and even free email mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Mail.com has so far been one of my personal favorites, the servers are decently fast, and their service is just fuss-free.




Link: Click here
Restrictions: 1GB of storage space

This is one of the better email services that I know of. Tutanota offers free anonymous sign-ups and up to 1GB of storage space. The better part? Tutanota is encrypted; It adds another layer of security.

The best part? There are no advertisements. Tutanota is open source and funded by donations plus premium accounts. The premium accounts are very affordable at only 1 euro a month. Do support these guys if you like their email service.



Link: Click here
Restrictions: 50MB attachments. Require an alternate email to sign up.

GMX (Global Mail eXchange) is run by a listed company in Germany. They are plenty reliable enough, running since 1997. Although they do not state any storage restrictions, there is a 50MB attachment limit… Also, advertisements alert. Take note – Even though you do not need a phone number to register on GMX, you still need another email account.




Link: Click here
Restrictions: 500 MB of storage space, send 150 emails a day

Switzerland-based ProtonMail offers free email accounts with 500MB storage and 150 emails a day. While this does not sound very exciting, ProtonMail has a feature that most other email providers don’t – encryption. Yep, you can send encrypted emails to people that are password protected and will expire/self-destruct in a number of days. Is that cool enough now?



Link: Click here
Restrictions: 500 MB of storage space. Requires alternate email.

Encryption, privacy, no ads, no tracking. MailFence is one that actually looks pretty convincing. But take note, an existing email is required to sign up and activate MailFence.




Link: Click here
Restrictions: Russian language only.

A free Russian email provider that many people shared… But the problem is, this site is in Russian only. A little bit of Google Translate did the magic – A pretty simple registration form nonetheless.

  • Choose your email address.
  • Enter & confirm your password.
  • Choose a “security question”.



Link: Click here
Restrictions: Might still ask for your phone number…

Yandex is the so-called “Russian Google”. As you might have noticed, I have appended a “not really” on the heading. Yes, and that is for a good reason. You can sign up for a Yandex email account without a phone number, just click on “I don’t have a telephone number” during registration.

BUT here’s the catch – If Yandex somehow deems your account as “spammy”, they will still ask for your phone number as verification. I already have my spare Yandex account locked in this manner, and I am refusing to give them my number. You decide if Yandex is worth your time.




Link: Click here
Restrictions: Not a permanent email, 150MB attachment limit.

Want a totally anonymous email? Then create one that is temporary. Introducing Guerrilla Mail – a one-time email that you can create, use, then dispose of immediately. No sign-up is required, and you can even attach files up to 150MB.



Link: Click here
Restrictions: Not a permanent email

Email on deck is an alternative to Guerrilla Mail, simply verify that you are not a bot and get your temporary email – Use and dispose of.



Link: Click here
Restrictions: Temporary email addresses

Yes, this is another temporary email provider. No fuss, no sign-up is required, no phone numbers, no password. Just don’t use this to keep your dark secrets.




Link: Click here
Restrictions: Public email addresses, receiving only

Mailnesia is an email with amnesia. Seriously. Just enter your desired email address, and you get an instant mailbox in seconds – No registration is required. One problem with Mailnesia is that you cannot send any emails with it though.



Link: Click here
Restrictions: Public email addresses, receiving only

Tempinbox is yet another public email that you can use within seconds. Again, you can only receive emails with it, and there is no sending of emails with it.




This post is getting quite a number of funny random hate comments from dumb trolls. If you have registration problems, it could very well be anything such as network issues, browser compatibility, geolocation bans, IP blacklist, VPN/TOR not allowed, or providers changing their business policies over time.

Let’s keep things civil here, and help each other out – Just share which worked and not. I obviously don’t run the email services, and cannot monitor them every single day. 😆 Hate and blaming won’t do any good, nor get you a free email address. Chill and good luck!



We have come to the end of this list, and I hope that it has been helpful to you. Now go create your free email accounts without the fear of some random marketer calling you for email upgrades. If you have more free services to share, please feel free to comment below.

218 thoughts on “12 Free Email Services (Without Phone Verification)”

  1. Tatunota denied me an account unless I email them and explain how I am going to use the account. Just another scam.

    1. Yes, Tutanota is not working. They denied an account several times, always using different reasons. Or the delete it in a few hours, no reason given.

    2. Protest Bulldozers!

      I created an email address with them in October and only had to wait 48 hours till it became active. NOT a Scam!

    1. This information is outdated. Proton gives you a free account without any phone number or backup-email. It is simply great.

  2. To balance all the hate – I love this list. Every single option worked for me (I didn’t try the temp ones)
    Tutanota requires you somehow get a passcode to the person you are sending an email to for the first time which was a pain but probably secure.

    gmail constantly and randomly stop you using email on different devices and sometimes just decide that you doing your normal thing is ‘suspicious’. They all want a phone number (no chance – it is LESS secure in the long run!) and I agree that getting a burner number and using that CAN get around this, but not if you need to always have it when the random ‘verification’ request pops up. Chances are it will always be when you least wish it to.

    mail.com is actually my favourite. I noticed gmx seems to be the same template.

  3. MailDotComSucks

    mail.com does not work. I created an account keep getting “account block due to suspicious activity” when I login. When I contact them the said they can’t reverse it and nothing they can do.
    I created and account then tried to login. There is no activity so it should be blocked.

    1. No clue what your issue is bro but I’ve used mail.com for years and it’s flawless. Try gmx.com, proton.me or mailfence. They all work so maybe your doing something nefarious. It’s a fine free email service.

      1. Oh, Tutanota does offer to pay by year, at which point the monthly rate will be 3 Euro instead of €3.60 — so the price has hiked since this article. The other thing is, I went to GMX and they require a phone number now, their signup page looks like Mail.com’s, the only difference is that you can submit a number outside of USA. Really, the phone number bother me more than the payment as I dont’ want to get cellphone spam. Tutanota’s 37.85 CAN a year for 15 email addresses seem a good deal, but do I lose ALL the emails if stop paying, will I still keep the original one?

  4. Mail.com aka gmx.com are absolutely shitlisted worthless shit and has been for years. Stay away let them die. Awful quality.

  5. Mail.com generated technical errors on two of my five attempts at registration.
    I was setting up five accounts for online banking (email funds).
    Mail.com apparently has a limit of four accounts, so now I must turn to another mail supplier for the fifth.
    The registration page seems to be weak. It accepted my first password (two letter cases and a digit), but objected on the second and third until I added a special character. All passwords the same length and format (name of a town followed by a digit)
    A straight-through registration was fast, but I have spent 30 minutes trying to set up those four accounts.
    Cheers, Chris

  6. Frankly Nonurbiznes

    FALSE!! mail.com wastes UR time w/endless “captchas” Never asks for a phone number then after you spend UR time filling out their form & click “create account” a RED WARNING comes on/blocks it demands a cell number.
    DECEPTIVE!!! LIARS–(red-dot-geek) can’t U do better???

    1. I cannot do better, but you can by reading “DID NOT WORK” above.

      P.S. I have other blogs, some 500+ articles to update, and YouTube videos to make. If only *SOMEONE* is willing to sponsor USD 2000 every month to hire a person to update this post every single day. 😆

      1. 404 Intelligence Not Found

        No offense but I see you have only uploaded five videos in the last SIX years to YouTube so you can’t be that busy.

    2. I just created an email account with mail.com, using no phone number. The red box pops up because the “notify by SMS” box re-checks itself. Uncheck the box again, and it will let you create your account.

  7. Most Email Providers DO Require a Phone Number now. If you do not want to use your own number or if you have an old phone that can connect to WiFi, that’s all you need. You can easily Download TalkU and TextNow from the Play Store if you have an Android Phone. If you do not have an Android Phone, I will look to see what Phone Apps work with iOS Phones and post back here when I get time.

      1. Danielle kerns

        Then that’s impossible unless u use someone else’s cell or cloned someone else’s cell…u may have just busted yourself or lied…I’ll put my hacked Gmail

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