12 Free Email Services (Without Phone Verification)

Welcome to a list of free email services that do not ask for your phone number. Yep, it’s creepy these days. You need to give away your phone number in exchange for an email account. I mean, while it does add a layer of security for the company, giving the phone number away basically does nothing good for us.

So here is a list of good companies that respect our privacy, and provide free email services without asking for phone numbers.



Link: Click here
Restrictions: Attachments up to 30MB, total storage of 65 GB for free users. Require alternate email to sign up.

Signing up with mail.com is a breeze. Simply enter your name, desired email address, security question, password, and that’s it – An email account within 3 minutes. But take note, they do have a limit of 65 GB storage for free users, and the largest allowed file attachment is 30 MB.

That may be a bummer to some, but the extra features they offer greatly outweigh the limits – Two-factor authentication (2FA), email alias, free online Office suite, and they even have free email mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Mail.com has so far been one of my personal favorites, the servers are decently fast, and their service is just fuss-free.




Link: Click here
Restrictions: 1GB of storage space

This is one of the better email services that I know of. Tutanota offers free anonymous sign-ups and up to 1GB of storage space. The better part? Tutanota is encrypted; It adds another layer of security.

The best part? There are no advertisements. Tutanota is open source and funded by donations plus premium accounts. The premium accounts are very affordable at only 1 euro a month. Do support these guys if you like their email service.



Link: Click here
Restrictions: 50MB attachments. Require alternate email to sign up.

2019 update – How could I miss this one out? GMX (Global Mail eXchange) run by a listed company in Germany. They are plenty reliable enough, running since 1997. Although they do not state any storage restrictions, there is a 50MB attachment limit… and advertisements alert. Take note – Even though you do not need a phone number to register on GMX, you still need another email account.




Link: Click here
Restrictions: 500 MB of storage space, send 150 emails a day

Switzerland-based ProtonMail offers free email accounts of 500MB storage and 150 emails a day. While this does not sound very exciting, ProtonMail has a feature that most other email providers don’t – encryption. Yep, you can send encrypted emails to people that are password protected and will expire/self-destruct in a number of days. That cool enough now?



Link: Click here
Restrictions: 500 MB of storage space. Requires alternate email.

Encryption, privacy, no ads, no tracking. MailFence is one that actually looks pretty convincing. But take note, an existing email is required to sign up and activate MailFence.




Link: Click here
Restrictions: Not a permanent email, 150MB attachment limit.

Want a totally anonymous email? Then create one that is temporary. Introducing Guerrilla Mail – a one-time email that you can create, use, then dispose of immediately. No sign-up required, and you can even attach files up to 150MB.



Link: Click here
Restrictions: Not a permanent email

Email on deck is an alternative to Guerrilla Mail, simply verify that you are not a bot and get your temporary email – Use and dispose of.



Link: Click here
Restrictions: Public email addresses

Mailinator is the complete opposite of most email providers. That is, you create public email addresses… or take over control of one that other people have created. Interesting? No sign-up required, just don’t use this to keep your dark secrets.




Link: Click here
Restrictions: Public email addresses, receiving only

Mailnesia is an email with amnesia. Seriously. Just enter your desired email address, and you get an instant mailbox in seconds – No registration required. One problem with Mailnesia is that you cannot send any emails with it though.



Link: Click here
Restrictions: Public email addresses, receiving only

Tempinbox is yet another public email that you can use within seconds. Again, you can only receive emails with it and there no sending of email with it.



Link: Click here
Restrictions: 20 GB of storage space

Inbox.lv is a Latvian company that provides primarily email services. While this site is covered in ads, the email service is free, along with some others such as photo and file hosting. There really is nothing to complain about here, and they are quite generous with their storage space. One small thing to note though – It seems like they are experiencing quite a lot of spammers, and it took me quite a while before I was able to register properly.

Edit – Reports received on inbox.lv now locks you at a page requiring your phone number after registration. You can try and verify this if you want…



The last on this list is Yandex, the so-called “Russian Google”. As you might have noticed, I have appended a “not really” on the heading. Yes, and that is for a good reason. You can sign up for a Yandex email account without a phone number, just click on “I don’t have a telephone number” during registration.

Link: Click here
Restrictions: Might still ask for your phone number…

BUT here’s the catch – If Yandex somehow deems your account as “spammy”, they will still ask for your phone number as verification… I already have my spare Yandex account locked in this manner, and I am refusing to give them my number. You decide if Yandex is worth your time.




We have come to the end of this list, and I hope that it has been helpful to you. Now go create your free email accounts without the fear of some random marketer calling you for email upgrades. If you have more free services to share, please feel free to comment below.

Edit – Getting quite a number of random funny hate comments from not-so-intelligent trolls. If you have registration problems, it could very well be anything such as network issues, browser compatibility, geolocation bans, IP blacklist, policy changes over time, VPN/TOR not allowed, or simply providers going out of business.

Let’s keep things civil here, and help each other out – Just share which worked/did not work and if you are on VPN/TOR. Bashing won’t do any good nor get you a free email address. 😆 Chill and good luck!

122 thoughts on “12 Free Email Services (Without Phone Verification)”

    1. I did not have such an issue. I mean, when creating my account, they let me choose not to provide them. I’m still a new user, though, but I hope they don’t try to impose that later.

  1. mail.com works in exactly the same way as gmx.com:
    Both demand either a phone number or another e-mail address to register.
    (you don’t mention this with mail.com)

    tutanota appears to work without a phone number, but I have only just created my email address, so I do not know if it will work long term yet.

    1. 1) The company that runs inbox.LV is Inbokss SIA, a Latvian company.
      2) inbox.LV is the correct top-level domain, with verified whois information.
      3) The other legit site that they run is inbox.eu – A paid email service.

      Not so sure about inbox.la – I cannot get any verifiable information on it.

    1. I went to mail.com’s site to check it out and I think you can choose another email adress instead of phone number, it says either phone or mail ( there are boxes you can tick or untick ). I didn’t registrate so don’t know what will happen during registration or after.
      Regardless, it’s total bullshit to be required to give your phone number ( and another mail ) to have a mail, some authority like the EU or something should stop this! Then the EU would be doing something usefull!
      I don’t mind that it’s there as an extra function but make it OPTIONAL!

      And mail.com and gmx are the same, they are owned by the same company. Even their websites look the same.

  2. OpenMailBox – gone commercial no free email account
    TutaNota – generating account without any additional requirements but u have to wait at least 2 days or more for verification – u cant use it right away. Problematic i one cant wait.
    Some eMail services are very jumpy on VPN’s claiming strange or excessive network traffic ?
    Some wont open on VPN use !
    For a whole day now i seek simple real (not temporary) email service that allow creation and use of email account right away cos i need it for to recover my logins that Opera browser lost !
    Some aren’t free, some requesting additional email that i can give but can not access, some want to have phone number … etc I’ts a complete mess.

    1. Oh great H4x0r who ben hacked site – You probably noticed this site is behind Cloudflare, hosted on cloud server, and has layers of security. But most importantly, even if you managed to ben hack, there is nothing worthy of ben inside. No phone, no address, no cc cards, no bank information, no ben either. So… Duh.

      But thank you for the superior ben hacking efforts. Since you are too lazy or unable to approve your own comment, I gracefully did it for you. This troll comment made my day. 😆

      Yours truly, the Code Ninja running this site.
      P.S. Check out https://code-boxx.com and learn some real programming.
      P.P.S. Who’s ben? Ben Affleck? Benedict Cumberbatch?

  3. GMX blocks VPNs. You can’t sign up connected to NordVPN, and when trying to connect to server after signing in it disconnects immediately if connected to a VPN.

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