9 Awesome Online Infographic Maker (That Are Totally FREE)


Welcome to a list of free online infographic makers, and by free, it really means free. I understand the pain too, I am not a designer and turn to the online tools to create my infographics… After spending hours working on an infographic, we get slapped with a rude “pay to download”.

I understand that frustration, and as a beginner, I had no money to spare on these tools. So I have personally screened and tested all of the below sites. Made sure that you can create an infographic and download without having to “pay to download”.




Canva is one of my all-time favorites and the best part is that Canva is capable of not just infographics – It is also capable of making Facebook covers, logos, and so much more. Whatever that you have created on Canva is free for download, but some of the design elements are not free (templates, for example). So if you like Canva, spare $5 and buy some of the designs to support them.

Link: Click here
Price: Free with some paid elements



Snappa is another online graphics maker that I quite like – They have tons of pictures and graphics that you can use freely. Sadly, the free account is limited to only 5 downloads a month and does not have as many templates.

Link: Click here
Price: Free (limited 5 downloads a month), $10 pro account




Be Funky is not exciting as Canva, and they don’t give as many free templates to the free users. Although they do allow high-quality downloads and have social integrations done – You can directly share your infographics to Facebook, Twitter directly from the Be Funky account.

Link: Click here
Price: Free (limited), $34.95/year for pro account



Visme is not bad and has plenty of templates to choose from. Pretty easy to use interface too, just pick, drag and drop. Worth checking out.

Link: Click here
Price: Free (limited), $10/month paid account




Piktochart is not as versatile as Canva, but still capable of making infographics and presentation slides. Kind of limited in graphics and photos, but they do produce good enough quality infographics with the free account.

Link: Click here
Price: Free (limited), $12.5/month for pro account



Easelly actually looks pretty good, but sadly, the free account is way too limited – You can only select a handful of stock photos, and almost all other designs are locked. Even the download is limited to low resolution…

Link: Click here
Price: Free (limited), $36/year for pro account




Mind The Graph is capable of creating simple charts and graphics… Don’t expect too much, but it just works. They offer free downloads, but unfortunately, they are watermarked.

Link: Click here
Price: Free (watermarked downloads), $5/month for a premium account



Vennage seems to have some nice templates, but I am not a fan. It offers a free account for students that is extremely limited to 5 infographics and no downloads… Although you can share it on your Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter… and save the infographic from there. Another obvious “force to buy” site.

Link: Click here
Price: Free (for students), $19/month for a premium account



Animaker is not an infographics maker… or should I say, it does videos and animated infographics. As much as Animaker is interesting, the sad part of a free account is that you are limited to 2 minutes of video, and a watermark on it. Although a fully paid account might be worth every cent if you do a lot of video presentation and YouTube videos.

Link: Click here
Price: Free (limited), $144/year for a personal account




Click on the picture below to download the PDF file – feel free to keep it for your future reference and even distribute it. (Just don’t remove the links and credit Red Dot Geek)

Free Online Infographics Makers (click to enlarge)



We have come to the end of this list, and I hope that it has been helpful to you. Now go spice up your articles with some infographics and good luck!

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