UKKUER SN-P18 Bluetooth Headphones Review (BAD Sound)

Welcome to a review of the UKKUER SN-P18 Bluetooth Headphones. Now, this is a pair of popular headphones that have been floating all over various websites. What caught my eye is the number of features it has, at a seemingly impossible price point. Is it really a good steal? How well do these affordable headphones fare? Read on to find out!



Price About USD $30.00 (As at the time of writing)
Links Get from eBay: Click here
Bare basics – Has a box and cables.
Build Quality
Overall decent, does not feel rugged though.
FM, Bluetooth, micro SD card reader, wired mode.
User Friendliness
Needs a little bit of figuring out.
Sound Quality
Flat vocals, flat instruments, pronounced bass.
Very affordable, decent headphones.
Stacked with features, but bad sound quality. Audiophiles – Stay away.




The Packaging Build & Design Sound Quality
Battery & Wireless Summary Verdict



To be truthful, the UKKUER has quite a number of positive feedback and reviews online. I was expecting a little more from the packaging, but what came in was rather disappointing.



The box came in a little battered from the postage, but still in one piece nonetheless. I was kind of expecting a little more padding, protection, and professional design. But I guess my expectations were set a little too high. This is a pair of budget headphones after all – This basic packaging did what is intended, protected the headphones. End of story.




  • Headphones.
  • Micro USB charging cable.
  • 3.5mm audio cable. Yes, this is a Bluetooth headphone, and the cable is optional.
  • Instruction… paper in English and Chinese.

Nothing interesting, just the bare basics.




Poor packaging aside, I won’t lie though – The design of the headphones actually looks pretty good, and the overall build quality is pretty decent.



The headphones themselves are almost “one solid piece”, less the adjustable sides. This UKKUER is also foldable, but something about the hinges feels rather flimsy and may break with a little more force.

All the controls are on one side of the headphone – Micro SD card slot, micro USB charging port, microphone, control buttons. One big miss here though, the left and right sides are not indicated. I had to manually play a sound test video to figure out the side with the controls is left.

The rest of the build seems to be decent enough, the earcups and headband have some good padding too. Although the ear cups are too small for my big ears, and whatever “noise isolation” they claim can be thrown out of the window. This thing just leaks environmental noise left and right.

Lastly, something about the weight of the UKKUER feels off. Given the number of electronics, this is awfully light… Some people may think lightweight is good, but I have a bad hunch that they went cheap with the drivers. More on that later.




Nope, don’t expect any good sound out of the UKKUER. I will personally rate this one “huge fail”.



  • Lows – Pronounced bass notes.
  • Mids – Flat.
  • Highs – Flat.
  • Clarity & Soundstage – Nope. Flat and monotonous.

The best I can explain the sound quality – The UKKUER sounds like a repurposed old telephone with some failed bass enhancements. Yes, the vocals and instruments sound dull, with a pronounced bass taking over.

I first thought it may be some issues with the Bluetooth and switched over to using the audio cable. Same old story. These guys probably cheap out on using some crappy drivers. Nothing is enjoyable about the sound quality.



The “noise isolation” that they claim on the product page is also nowhere to be found. Environmental noise just leaks in from everywhere.



For this last section, let us walk through the battery and wireless features of the headphones.



The Bluetooth connection on this fella is pretty much seamless, just power on and pair with the device. As for the range coverage, it is… “typical Bluetooth” with good reception within 1 room (5m or 16feet).

But there are other modes of playing music with an inserted micro SD card, FM radio, and also connecting with a cable. Not a fan of the FM radio though, the auto-scan is way off and full of static.




For the battery life, I have a confession to make. I couldn’t stand using this pair of headphones for more than an hour, the sound quality is so bad it made my ears bleed. But the initial charging took about 2 hours as advertised, and it is supposedly able to play for 7 hours.



That’s all for this review, and here is a small section on some extras and links that may be useful to you.



  • Bluetooth: 4.2
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20KHz
  • Play Time: About 7 hrs
  • Continuous Talk Time: About 3 hrs
  • Charging Port: Micro USB

No specs were given on the drivers, impedance, and sensitivity… I am guessing it’s so bad they don’t even want to show it.



  • Affordable.
  • Feature-packed.
  • Decent build quality.



  • Bad sound quality.
  • Controls are a little hard to reach.



The UKKEUR may be feature-packed, but the bad sound quality is a real turn-off. I am not saying this is complete trash though. If you are just looking for a pair of headphones with “affordable”, “plenty of features”, and “it works” – This is the right one. Otherwise, a bad choice for audiophiles.

Thank you for reading, and we have come to the end of this review. I hope this has helped you, and if you have anything to share, please feel free to comment below. Good luck and may the cyber force be with you.

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